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I recently got back into reading, and it is something that I will never regret doing.

Beneath the Glitter: A Novel

Beneath the Glitter - Elle Fowler, Blair Fowler My rating: 4 stars. This book was better than I imagined. I was a bit apprehensive due to my prior knowledge of the Fowler sisters, but the book was pretty enjoyable. I received an arc from the Goodreads First Reads Program and was excited to read the book.The book is loosely based on the lives of Elle and Blair Fowler. It's an easy read and I definitely want to read the sequel. There were a few moments in the story where I felt like the characters were a tad bit immature for their age, or times where I just wasn't interested in reading about the parties they attended. If you like books about glamorous lives, then this is your book.Surprisingly good book!

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