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I recently got back into reading, and it is something that I will never regret doing.

Every Day

Every Day - David Levithan My rating: 4 stars This book was my first David Levithan book, and I was not disappointed! David Levithan is a great author, and he was able to make this slightly weird idea and love story become an amazing novel.A is a different person every day, and it's been like this for A's entire life. When I first heard about this I wasn't sure if I would like it or not. I ended up really enjoying it. The great thing about this book is that A isn't a girl or a boy, A is just A. A loves people based on who they are and she struggles loving someone who isn't as open to that idea. I wasn't a huge fan of the love story, but I did love seeing A grow and seeing A decide to just live. The book was really enjoyable.

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