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I recently got back into reading, and it is something that I will never regret doing.

Insurgent (Divergent)

Insurgent - Veronica Roth My rating is: 4.5 stars I LOVED Divergent, so I couldn't wait to read Insurgent. The beginning of Insurgent was a bit slow. Tris kept going back and forth from trying to be strong and then being miserable and weak. I get that she had to go through a lot in Divergent, especially with what happened between her and Will and her losing her parents, but I got a bit tired of hearing her have emotional breakdowns.Once the action really started, though, I was reading nonstop. The action is really what got me hooked in the first place. That and the Tris/Tobias love story. They're both still teenagers, but their relationship is at such a great level and i just LOVE IT.Then comes the ending!I had an idea of what happened due to all of the hints left throughout the book, but just hearing it be said and what came after was still shocking.Overall, I loved the book. It's great, though not as great as Divergent.

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